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To Do:

1) Watch Week 2 Video

Welcome back! This week we will explore the concept of self-limiting beliefs and how they hold us back from living a life aligned with our true selves. We will discuss the power of choice and the importance of confronting our limiting beliefs. We'll explore the 2 primary shame messages and how they fuel our limiting beliefs while learning how to dismantle those beliefs and move forward in a more positive, hopeful direction. 

**Optional Materials: Click here to view/print the Primary Shame Messages Worksheet

2) Respond to Self-Reflection Prompt in the Facebook Group

​In our private Facebook group, self-reflect on this prompt in as much detail as you are comfortable. Then read other group member's reflections and respond. 

What self-limiting belief did you challenge this week? How did it go? What was the experience like, and what did you learn about yourself?

3) Attend Weekly Google Meet

We will meet online this week Thursday, 10/5, from 7-8PM CST. I'm excited to hear about your work with your limiting beliefs! I'll pin the Google Meet link in the Facebook group on Thursday morning. 

4) Submit Module 2 Feedback Form

Please submit this quick feedback form for Module 2!

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