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To Do:

1) Watch Week 3 Video

This week, we will be discussing the importance of effective communication in communicating our needs and building a life we love. We will explore a communication framework called non-violent communication (NVC) and how it can transform our relationships by promoting empathy and understanding while simultaneously clearly communicating our needs and thoughts. Throughout the video, I will provide practical activities to help you practice these skills. By the end, you will have a better understanding of how to communicate your needs clearly and listen empathetically to others and be prepared for any important conversations you need to have in your journey as you're walking away from things that don't serve you.

**Optional Materials: Click here to view/print the Brave Conversations Worksheet

2) Respond to Self-Reflection Prompt in the Facebook Group

This week, in the Facebook group, reflect on a time when you were able to have a difficult conversation with someone. What made that conversation successful? You can also talk about a time when a conversation didn't go so well. Is there something you could've done differently to help it be more productive?

3) Attend Weekly Google Meet

Our weekly Google Meet will be Thursday, October 12th from 7-8PM CST. All are welcomed to join, even if you haven't completed the module yet. I'll pin the link in the Facebook group on Thursday. See you there!

4) Submit Module 3 Feedback Form

Please submit this quick feedback form for Module 3!

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