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To Do:

1) Watch Week 4 Video

Welcome to Module 4: "Your Personal R/evolution - Designing a Life You Love." This is where all your hard work, self-reflection, and courage come to fruition. In this culminating module, you'll identify what you're walking away from, letting go of what no longer serves you. As you take your first brave steps toward your new life, you'll be equipped with strategies to navigate challenges and celebrate wins, big or small. We'll talk about how personalized coaching can accelerate your journey with an exclusive offer just for course participants. This is not just an end, but a new beginning. You are one decision away from a life you love, and you hold the power to make that choice. Dive in and design the life you've always dreamed of!

**Optional Download: View/Print the Goal Setting & and Course Reflection Form here.

2) Respond to Self-Reflection Prompt in the Facebook Group

This week, in our Facebook Group, reflect on your long and short term goals. What was the goal setting process like for you? Talk about a time when you experience success meeting a goal. What was the key to your success in meeting that goal? 

3) Attend Weekly Google Meet

This week we will meet on Thursday, October 19th from 7-8PM CST. The link will be pinned at the top of the Facebook group page on Thursday morning. 

4) Submit Coaching Interest Form

5) Submit Course Testimonial

6) Submit Module 4 Feedback Form

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