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To Do:

1) Watch Week 1 Video

It's time to get started! Module 1 is an introduction to the course and is all about learning to trust your gut, getting into alignment with your core values, and making choices that really resonate with who you are. Whatever you're walking away from, let's make sure our choices are coming from a place of honoring our true selves!

**Materials: Click here to view/print the Core Beliefs Finder

2) Respond to Self-Reflection Prompt in the Facebook Group

In our private Facebook group, pick one prompt to self-reflect on in as much detail as you are comfortable. Then read other group member's reflections and respond. 

1) Reflect on a moment you either trusted or doubted your intuition. What was the result and what did you learn about yourself from that experience? 


2) Reflect on your experience doing the Core Beliefs Finder exercise. What did you learn about yourself? Was anything affirmed for you? Did anything surprise you?

3) Attend the Weekly Google Meet

Join Ashly and other course participants to discuss your observations and learning this week! Week 1's live will be Thursday, 9/28, from 7-8 PM CST. The Google Meets link will be pinned in the Facebook Group!

4) Submit Module 1 Feedback Form

Please submit this quick feedback form for Module 1. 

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